Be Here Proposal Reviewers

Bunjo Butler
Enoch Pratt Free Library
Susan Chun
Chief Content Officer
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Dixie Clough
Cultural Innovation Accelerator
MuseWeb Foundation
Silvia Filippini Fantoni
Director of Interpretation, Media and Evaluation
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Gamynne Guillotte
Director of Interpretation and Public Engagement
Baltimore Museum of Art
Jennifer Kingsley
Faculty, Program in Museums and Society
Johns Hopkins University
Dean Krimmel
Creative Museum Services/Qm2
Raquel Lilly
Workforce Development Manager
Living Classrooms Foundation
Eric Longo
Executive Director
Museum Computer Network
Adriel Luis
Curator – Digital and Emerging Media
Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center
Eli Pousson
Baltimore Heritage
Selwyn Ramp
Collection Manager
Boyden Gallery, SMCM
Peter Vega
Director of US Business Development
Eva Wesemann
Director of Creative Strategy EMEA
Antenna International