Digital Curation + Publishing

Content, content everywhere – but never in a format we can use!

Museums, cultural organizations, and creators are rich in stories but too often the core elements are not in formats that are easily shared or on platforms that are easily used. MuseWeb keeps up with new and current digital publishing technologies so you don’t have to, and we help you identify which tools will get your stories to the audiences you want to reach most effectively.

We work with cultural organizations to:

  • Review content and collections
  • Lightly edit audio or video content for maximum effect
  • Maximize the use of Creative Commons and other “free” resources for content curation
  • Identify possibilities for reuse
  • Help staffers become fluent in chosen technologies

We’re also in the business of getting the word out. We work with storytellers and organizations to:

  • Build social media content about collections
  • Develop strategies and goals for sharing
  • Understand free metric services
  • Create graphics that explain metrics to management

Learn more about our capacity building and technology support.