#iStandFor Detroit History

Tony Daguanno
Tony Daguanno is a novice history buff and ex-instructional designer, born and raised in the Motor City.

What do YOU stand for? Tony Daguanno stands for Detroit history. His story is part of the #iSTANDfor campaign, created by our friends at the Onassis Foundation USA.

“Shakespeare used the phrase, ‘What’s past is prologue,’ foreshadowing the prospect of evils to come. The words refer to our past being the introduction to our present and future as, hopefully, a lesson to learn from. The past doesn’t necessarily dictate the future, it merely introduces the possibilities of it, as framed by our history.

We have to look at both the good and the bad parts of history to recognize the lesson, as we continue to pursue our next act. We can look at the our past and at once be proud and motivated to live up to standards set by great men and women who came before us.


Of course, it’s universal, not just a Detroit thing. But the ‘D’ is my lifelong home, and it’s one of those places that’s been recognizably knocked down a few pegs in the eyes of the world of the last half-century. Yet, that’s not true at all of the people here. Our history runs deep, with grand narratives that weave in and out of the country’s larger historical tapestry, as colorful and engaging as any Elizabethan play.

Detroit architectural detail

In my own simple approach, using accessible technology, I expose some of the city’s monuments, statues, historical landmarks and works of art, as catalyst to retell a few of those stories. These physical reminders of Detroit’s history are hidden among us in plain sight.

As a lifelong Metro-Detroiter, I’m willing to examine the other side of history once in awhile, too. The embarrassing stories that make us want to become better people. It may sting or get us angry but it sure gets our attention. Real life is like that. Real history is like that. So, everyone is welcome to follow the path I lay out for you among the D’s catalytic artifacts. There’s a story behind each one. And it’s forever where our new stories begin.”

Tony Daguanno is a novice history buff and ex-instructional designer, born and raised in the Motor City. His not-for-profit venture, Audio-D Tours L3C (audioDtours.com), produces free guided audio tours featuring points of interest in Detroit.

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