#iSTANDfor Igniting Arts Patronage

Courtney Wassen
Courtney Wassen is one of many people who have expressed her passion for the arts in the #iSTANDfor campaign.

What do YOU stand for? Courtney Wasson stands for igniting arts patronage. Her story is part of the #iSTANDfor campaign, created by our friends at the Onassis Foundation USA.

We hold a belief that art is essential. It is the qualities of art that spark conversation, investigation, questioning, opinions, perspective, introspection and reflection.  It is why five million people visit the Sistine Chapel every year and why artists such Warhol can move from being a controversial artist to a museum staple.  Art makes statements and asks questions.

We believe in igniting arts patronage because we believe that art is essential.  We want to fight the starving artist stereotype by advocating for the value of art with the knowledge that artists are not endeavoring in a hobby. Artists are valued both as creators and for their perspective.  It could be the mastery of a skill and technique and/or the perspective and lens with which they view the world. Every human culture has an art form through which it expresses and identifies; it is this communion that serves as a foundation of culture.

There are no concrete answers as to how we determine the value of art, as it is not simply the value of time and material.  It is a pursuit.  Ask a painter how long it takes to paint a painting and they may validly respond with the answer of “a lifetime” – a lifetime of growth, experience, perspective, and practice.  Artwork has the ability to extend beyond decoration because an artist can hone in on an emotion, feeling, or experience. Through artwork an artist is able to share in or expand upon one’s perspective.

Our efforts in the gallery are to advocate for both the artist and patron.  Weinberger Fine Art was founded on a commitment to showcase diverse and high-quality work from emerging and established artists. The gallery serves as a venue that allows patrons to directly engage with the artwork.  Our duty as gallerists is to act as a guide and allow viewers the freedom of opinion and  the opportunity to ask questions.

The gallery serves as a connector and a hub in our community.  It is a place for people to gather and participate in conversation. In an effort to further connect and continue the conversation, we have begun to showcase artists through online audio tours.  These tours provide the opportunity to hear directly from the artist, curator, or critical writer for further questions and insights.

I stand for igniting arts patronage. It takes vision to be an arts patron, to see potential and value in the role and purpose of the artist in our society. An arts patron understands that their patronage yields a cultural return.  It is the knowledge that they are supporting the artistic talent that will later supply our cultural institutions.”

–Courtney Wasson, Weinberger Fine Art

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