What We Do

At MuseWeb, we specialize in project management, capacity building (or professional development), technology strategy and support, as well as digital publishing and curation. We believe that one of the most important elements of working with cultural organizations is helping them navigate a complex web of tools, platforms, and ever-changing best practices. One of our social media followers tweeted us that:

“It’s amazing the number of things you need to be an expert in when you work in technology.” 

We’re here to help you . . .

  • Reach diverse audiences through new media
  • Think differently about digital assets and where they “belong”
  • Impart transferable 21st-century skills to participants in our content creation programs, thus making participants more employable in the future
  • Learn from other innovative projects and business models in the field by connecting cultural sector professionals with each other
  • Use the power of cultural storytelling and new mobile technologies to create networks of stories
  • Think about how the very act of connecting a community’s stories can change the places themselves
  • Think about changing the foci for who creates culture, whose voices matter and what it means to engage with a more diverse community

How we get there

  • Assisting with project management details
  • Helping to advise you about technology platforms that might be useful to you
  • Rapidly testing and iterating new methods for working with your content
  • Lightly editing digital assets for maximum impact
  • Publishing content on various platforms
  • Working with you on social media production and marketing
  • Providing webinars, printable info sheets, and other teaching tools to spread the knowledge base around your organization
  • Putting you in touch with networks and other professional who share similar interests
  • Building a community of practice around storytelling to impart best practices

Learn more about capacity building, technology strategy + support, and digital curation + publishing.