Be Here: EDU

A man walks through a library corridor.Be Here: EDU helps students tell their stories with new mobile storytelling tools and resources.

In addition to helping students explore and better understand the communities they live in, Be Here: EDU provides students with training in 21st century skills and experiences that can translate into internships and job opportunities in the research, culture, and technology sectors.

The core goals of Be Here: EDU are:

  • Use new mobile technologies and the power of cultural storytelling to teach practical research and digital media skills within the classroom;
  • Foster cultural exchange between students and local residents through sharing and learning about what makes each community unique and important;
  • Break down boundaries between educational institutions and communities by building creative partnerships that cross the “town & gown” divide.

Be Here: EDU provides participating professors and students access to training, support and expertise in the use of cutting-edge digital publishing technologies. Professors and their students are encouraged to collaborate and develop ideas for location-based storytelling projects with local communities and within the university. MuseWeb provides expertise in digital storytelling and mobile experience design throughout the development and implementation of the projects.

Examples of Be Here: EDU resources include:

  • Storytelling workshops
  • Digital project management workshops
  • Guest lecturers from the cultural sector and/or partnering academic institutions
  • Networking events to foster interdisciplinary and cross institutional partnerships
  • International network of cultural and academic institutions for project collaborations

Professors and students at Baltimore universities have already created these tours with the support of the Be Here program:

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