Our goal is to transform the business of culture.

The MuseWeb Foundation supports innovative projects that increase the inclusivity, accessibility, and sustainability of cultural heritage.

Our current work focuses on the Be Here storytelling initiative in cities and towns across the United States. Contact us to find out how you can build stronger connections with your community through cultural storytelling!

Capacity Building

Grow new, sustainable 21st-century skills.

MuseWeb offers digital storytelling workshops for communities and organizations. By opening doors to new tools and technologies, participants in our content creation programs walk away with transferable skills, helping them to embark on new journeys within their organizations and communities.

Through the use of webinars, slideshares, printable infographics, and hands-on workshops we cultivate knowledge about:

  • The value of cultural storytelling
  • Content editing and recording
  • The connections between business and the cultural sector
  • Current platforms and technologies
  • Social media usage and branding
  • Basic graphic design
  • Project management
  • Rapid project development and testing

Learn more about technology strategy + support, and digital curation + publishing.

Digital Curation + Publishing

Content, content everywhere – but never in a format we can use!

Museums, cultural organizations, and creators are rich in stories but too often the core elements are not in formats that are easily shared or on platforms that are easily used. MuseWeb keeps up with new and current digital publishing technologies so you don’t have to, and we help you identify which tools will get your stories to the audiences you want to reach most effectively.

We work with cultural organizations to:

  • Review content and collections
  • Lightly edit audio or video content for maximum effect
  • Maximize the use of Creative Commons and other “free” resources for content curation
  • Identify possibilities for reuse
  • Help staffers become fluent in chosen technologies

We’re also in the business of getting the word out. We work with storytellers and organizations to:

  • Build social media content about collections
  • Develop strategies and goals for sharing
  • Understand free metric services
  • Create graphics that explain metrics to management

Learn more about our capacity building and technology support.

Technology Support + Strategy

“It’s amazing the number of things you need to be an expert in when you work in technology.” 

So one of our followers on social media tweeted us, and we get it! MuseWeb helps individuals and cultural organizations navigate a complex web of high-tech tools, platforms, and ever-changing best practices and gain the necessary skills to be comfortable in the digital landscape. We also understand that most cultural organizations have limited budgets, so we focus on technology strategies that use open source, free or low-cost tools and platforms.

We help cultural organizations:

  • Strategize about which technologies may suit their needs
  • Think first about content then about technology
  • Examine and review third-party platforms for quick deployment
  • Determine how existing technologies might scale in the future
  • Figure out whether proposed technologies will be sustainable for organizational use

Learn more about capacity building  and digital curation + publishing.